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Bee's Nutrition Tips

When Kerry was about to turn 50, she told Susan that she wanted to be more fit (always wanted a six pack!).  We knew that abs were made in the kitchen..  so we researched how we could eat in a way that was delicious and satisfying, but would also help us to meet our fitness goals.  We found the research shows what we knew was common nutrient dense whole foods and eat less processed foods and sugar.  We also read research on the many benefits of intermittent fasting and added 16/8 eating window (please check with your MD before trying a fasting program).  Believe it or not, we now eat more than ever and have found that"real" nutrient-dense foods can be sooo delicious and filling. The eating window (intermittent fasting) was a game changer for us,  for helping us to build muscle, decrease body fat and decrease inflammation.  This was at a time when in our lives whenwhormones change and metabolism slows down to make the process challenging.  However, focusing on nutrition and IF made it possible for both of us to reach our fitness goals, even in our 50s!  Do we indulge in our fave foods on occasion like pizza, cookies and cocktails? For sure!! It’s a balance but we still do the latter, sparingly. If we can do it,  anyone can!
Eat the Colors of the Rainbow and Whole Non-Processed, Nutrient Dense Foods
A new habit takes 21 days to form....but we found "real" nutrient dense food can be absolutely delicious and satisfying.  We didn't want to feel deprived.  The first thing we did was to cut out processed foods and sugar...that means bread, pasta, rice and cookies LOL.   We focused on adding delicious protein (eggs, chicken, turkey, fish, beef, pork) pan-seared with ghee  or olive oil, with yummy spices and a an array of vegetables.  Check out the Green Fresh meal kit if you're not sure what to make.  We use this meal  kit service ( to help us stay on track and also to learn how to make nutritious meals super delicious.  We noticed, fairly quickly, the muscles started to build, the fat start to lower, and our body weight from fat go sdown.   We also added good fats, including avocados, olives, fatty fish (like salmon and tuna), ghee, olive oil , seeds and nuts!   Did we ever have cocktails or enjoy treats or bread too?  Absolutely, but all in moderation.  Check out these pics of some of our healthy yummies!
salad pic.JPG
We eat a yummy salad almost everyday, but it's not boring!  Fave greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, pepperocini, beets, seeds, nuts, egg, avocado, tomatoes, salmon or any favorite protein...variety for the nutrients, including fiber, magnesium, vitamins and it's super filling!
cut sugar.jpg



When we first revamped our eating 18 months ago, we began by cutting processed foods...including sugar.  WAAH sugar is our fave!  Instead, we added good fats (avocados, fatty fish, seeds, nuts) and yummy proteins, such as grilled/air-fryed chicken, fish, meats etc.  We opted for filling and nutrient dense food with lots of flavor and natural seasonings (Himalayan salt, truffle salt, cayenne pepper..get creative!).  A small piece of dark chocolate was also a healthy daily treat. We "ate the rainbow" daily.   Susan always says she won’t eat anything unless it tastes great and healthy food can taste amazing!  Our advice is to go ONE week without processed sugar, and see how you feel.  Will it be easy?  Probably not!  Like any “addiction,” our bodies may have some "withdrawal" symptoms and you may feel cranky at first.  However, as time goes on, your body will adapt and start to feel good, really good!   After a few weeks, we found the  inflammation in our bodies was going away AND we had more energy.  We also started to visibly notice our muscles tone increasing and our body fat percentage decreasing (we both lost 15-20 lbs overall).  Do we still eat sugar from time to time? For sure!!   Give it at least a week!  If you feel like you can keep going, keep going!  We will help you!!


When we started this process of changing our eating style, we stayed accountable to what we ate by using the app My Fitness Pal (free).  Research shows that changing our bodies is not ALL about calories in/calories out.  In fact, if you eat most of your calories from veggies and protein, you can eat MORE and become leaner! However,  eating way too many calories, no matter how healthy, can cause you to plateau.   This app is also a great way to track what you eat, insert photos of your progress and more. 

Another way to stay accountable on your fitness goals/journey, is to work with a friend or family member.  Another option is to join a group who has the same goals as you.  The Funky Bees has a Facebook group that everyone is welcome to join, the "Bee Fit Accountability Group."

Information About Intermittent Fasting (IF)

**Information obtained here is our personal research from nutritionists, MDs and Functional Medicine doctors.  Please ask your doctor if IF is appropriate for you before trying it.  Those with certain medical conditions or past eating disorders are NOT good candidates and should consult their MDs before trying a new eating style.   This is also not a good plan for children (who need a different way of eating to grow).  Kerry and I are not experts...just sharing what we learned and worked for us personally. 

After we cut processed foods, our bodies plateaued after a few months...we did research on intermittent fasting, including how it can help you build mucle, reduce inflammation, and for many, to lose weight.  Having an eating window allows the body to rest from eating and insulin production, which in turn leads to autophagy.  Autophagy allows the body to use it's own fat stores for energy.  Autophagy also helps build muscles and human growth hormone.  If the body constantly has food in it's system, the insulin levels never come down and food becomes stored as fat.  The Standard American Diet (SAD) says to eat 3 times a day and 3 snacks a day.  Ever since the SAD diet was implemented into our culture (in the late 1970's), the rate of diabetes and obesity increased dramatically.  Gut issues are soaring, which can lead to other medical issues.  We are not made to eat all day long.

Kerry and Susan started the process of implementing IF slowly...we had an eating window of 12 hours, which was already pretty close to our regular eating. We added an extra hour to the window every couple of days, until we hit a 16 hour fast and an 8 hour eating window.  Our eating window is usually 11:30-7:30..this can be flexible to your schedule).  The body at first may feel hungry...that's your hunger hormone called ghrelin, which is caused by a rise in insulin.  Stay busy and drink lots of water (coffee and tea help too, withOUT cream or sugar LOL)!  The first 2 weeks will be an adjustment, but we PROMISE your body will figure it out.  Just remember that when you're in your fast, your body uses FAT as it's energy source, yet it continues to build muscle!  In fact, if you're able to work out in your fast, you will see the largest results in muscle gain and fat loss.  Our bodies eventually go into a fat adapted mode and continues to build muscle while burning fat.  Stars such as Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Aniston and Dwayne Johnson...all fit and super toned...all intermittent fast.  AGAIN, please only try IF if your doctor feels it is ok for you to do so.  If you ever feel faint or get a headache during IF it means you lost lost electrolytes...a pinch of Himalayan salt will help cure the headaches! Try’s amazing how it works.  We also do the Apple Cider Vinegar with water, limes, magnesium and salt concoction..which does not break your fast and helps to keep your gut healthy and full.  We can also help you if this is something you’d like to try.

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