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Susan Snyder and Kerry Ferrari are best friends who share a passion for dance, fitness, and nutrition. Their goal is to make fitness and dance classes so fun so that you don't realize you're working out!

Susan started learning dance at age 5 and never stopped moving! She began teaching Group Exercise in college as a fun part-time job and loved it so much that she continued teaching Group Ex throughout her life.  Susan taught dance and fitness while obtaining her MA in Teaching, as a full-time teacher and also while raising twins (who are now in college themselves!). She is trained in various dance fitness forms, strength training and is also certified in Pilates Reformer.

Kerry grew up very active in sports including soccer, badminton and softball. She earned her Bachelors in Kinesiology, then obtained a teaching credential. Kerry has been teaching PE at Quimby Oak Middle School for over 20 years. After an ACL injury from soccer, Kerry started taking group fitness classes as a means to stay in shape. She discovered a new found passion for dancing and strength training. Kerry soon became strongly encouraged by other Group Ex instructors (like Susan!) to lead dance and fitness classes herself! Kerry became certified to teach several dance and fitness formats and has been teaching Group Ex for over 9 years.

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