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Fitness student/teacher:


I wanted to get to this before things get really busy….. “I have been a devoted follower of Susan and Kerry for a while now because they provide such a well rounded, and encouraging approach to fitness.  Their knowledge of the body and nutrition is vast. I had back surgery five years ago and started classes after and I’m a firm believer that the Pilates classes are instrumental to a full recovery and wonderful support for my core and balance.  The work we do is great physical therapy and has helped me when I get random life aches and pains.  I’m able to work though through my tight tension aches and pains with the classes and feel so much better. They mix in cardio and their hip hop classes are so much fun.  As a teacher I love the flexibility of their on demand and live classes through their online platform.  They are so supportive and help to keep you accountable.  The workouts go by fast. I’m a lifelong believer in their classes.  Thanks Susan and Kerry for my physical and mental health through these classes!

Fitness Student/Teacher with Recovering from Knee Surgery:


I am so thankful for all your posts and videos about intermittent fasting and recipes for healthy anti-inflammatory recipes, too.  Not only is it inspirational, but it’s been life-changing for me, especially recently. I have suffered from bad, arthritic knees and continued to push through all my workouts, even in pain.  However, my knee surgery prevented me from getting my cardio workouts in like Groov3, Hip Hop, etc. I was anxious about gaining weight being inactive, so I started to take the nutrition part of my health more seriously.
I have always been an active person growing up playing sports and working out, so fitness has never been the issue. It has always been my diet. During recovery, I started taking pilates class every day as part of my physical therapy. Hearing the tips you share during your classes about little things that I can do to improve my nutrition has made all the difference in my recovery process.  I have been intermittent fasting and adding one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar every morning to start my day for the past 3-weeks or so.  I have also been adding bone broth with my meals about 2-3 times a week.  Aside from my right knee still in pain because it’s still healing, I don’t feel any pain in my left knee anymore!  My left knee was always the one that hurt more too!  Also, my clothes fit better than I did pre-knee surgery, where I was working out 5-6 times a week.  It’s unbelievable that this minor adjustment I made can make such a vast difference, especially since I still eat and drink whatever I want!  Thank you, Susan and Kerry, for continuing to be my inspiration to make healthier choices.  I always hop on Facebook in the mornings, and I love watching your videos about what you guys are eating/drinking because it helps me get my mind right for the day.  I am NOT even close to eating as clean as you both do, but that’s okay!  It’s been such a wonderful learning experience, and I enjoy taking bits and pieces of what you suggest and slowly start incorporating it into my nutrition!
Please continue to share your fitness and nutrition journey with us!"

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